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Garage Door Cable Repair


General Garage Doors can help solve this problem fast. LA area garage door repair can replace the cable quickly. It is a relatively simple procedure for us and doesn’t take a lot of time for our techs. Remember, because the cables are tied into the torsion springs this job must be performed by a certified professional.

DIY garage door cable replacement projects can be very unsafe and can result in serious injury.Our technicians are local and arrive fast. They inspect your garage door and find the reason of the problem. General Garage Doors will replace the cable and test the system to make sure there are no other problems. Cables do wear down with regular use. The only way to steer clear of them breaking is to replace the piece before it breaks. You can do this by hiring our garage door maintenance service in LA area General Garage Doors repair. We can inspect all the moving parts and replace the worn out parts. We want your work.

Does your garage door open uneven or not at all?

You probably have an issue with your garage door cables. A broken or torn cable is the most frequent cause of this problem. This element of the garage door system is linked to the torsion springs. Its purpose is to make the garage door move.

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