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Garage Door Safety Check


When you trust General Garage Doors with your garage door safety check, you can be sure that you when we are done, you won’t have any problems. We understand the significance of this task and our capable technicians will do their best to check every part of the garage door system and make sure it’s working flawlessly.

A garage door is the largest moving part on your home. If it breaks it can cause large amounts of property damage or serious injury if it fails. Some of the events caused by defective doors result in deaths. As a result, it’s very important to carry out a regular safety check. This task needs to be handled by a certified professional.

If you attempt to fix even a trivial garage door issue on your own, it may lead to the discharge of the torsion springs. These springs are coiled under 500 lbs of release pressure. In hundreds of cases this has lead to very harsh costs that could have been steered clear of by hiring a professional.


General Garage Doors garage door service can give you with this kind of support and decrease the danger of any accidents caused to a minimum. We hire only certified and knowledgeable technicians. We provide them with regular training upgrades so that they are always on top of the existing safety standards.

We can help you by providing a maintenance schedule that will fits effortlessly into your lifestyle. Have our specialists inspect your door every six months and do some parts checks will permit you to stay away from a large number of troubles.

Throughout the safety check, our technicians will make a note of every worn or broken part in the system and fix or replace it fast. By doing this on a regular basis, we will prevent serious trouble from developing and protect yourself, your family, and your property.

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