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Garage Door Spring Repair


Your garage door goes down and up mostly due to the springs that both type a coil that is tight on the roof of the garage or are mounted along the sides of the doorframe. While your garage door opener protects the other 10% they do 90% of the lifting activity. Since they may be under tension equivalent to the weight of the door, they pull from their mounts, may do serious harm to you or anything in their way if they get out of equilibrium, as well as break. A broken spring could send a 400 lb door crashing down, and if they allow lose in one end, they are able to flog around with a lethal force.

A broken torsion spring can cause a lot more damage to your garage door system. When your door opens unevenly, it can damage the panels and other parts. If you are having a problem, you need to replace it.

Our technicians are factory trained specialists that take care of any type of problem you might have. General Garage Doors fixes the springs and any problems associated with it.

Torsion springs weaken over time. They usually break down in tandem at some point. The average life of the torsion springs is about 6 years. General Garage Doors maintenance service will help you avoid this difficulty. Our specialists will notice the signs of wear when they inspect your springs and replace them before too much wear occurs and they break. Your garage door repair company keeps a complete line of substitute parts. We are always prepared to assist you.

Don’t forget, trying to replace or repair a torsion spring on your own is very unsafe. Releasing the spring by accident can cause serious injuries and result in death. The pressure on the springs average 500 lbs.

Are you wondering if it’s the springs you are having trouble with?
Call General garage door repair and we can inspect the torsion springs and verify the exact cause of the problem. Some common signs of damaged torsion springs typically include:
Your garage door becomes lopsided during opening.
The door doesn’t open by more than 2-3 inches and opens hard.

Why call a professional for Spring Repair

Replacement and spring repair is a job for the experts at general garage, who’re experienced in managing them. We’ve the training to deal with spring tension that is possibly dangerous as well as removing old, worn springs out and replacing them with new ones. Springs are rated to work for a number of cycles. While you mightn’t be conscious of how much life’s left in your springtime, you must call us for a professional spring repair, if your door work slowly or if you see any harm in the area of the springs or cracks.

What we do to replace springs

You might think that the issue is due to the engine of your opener or due to the cables that pull up the door, but the issue can be the springs. What we do to replace sources. We discover that the prime problem is usually with the springs when technicians at general garage assess issues like this. We follow industry best practices to ensure your repair is safe and successful in replacing springs. For that reason. We replace both springs, since when an arc goes, the other may likely follow. We use springs which are right for the door, based on length, inside diameter and the wire size.

When to call for spring repair

If you suspect that your garage door is developing a problem with springs, cables, or anything else you should call for service at once. Sometimes what you see is a symptom of more serious problems that only a professional can spot. Calling us can save you money, as quick action often prevents damage to other parts and keeps you safe.

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